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The Center for Dog Pain Relief (CDPR) and its website DogPainRelief.com have been created to help pet parents quickly find the best pain relief and prevention options for their dogs who suffer from both acute and chronic physical as well as emotional pain.

Our team has created both this collaborative healthcare platform and online community to be lasting reminders of the strength and love that Maddy, my Wheaten Terrier, (seen above) showed me during the 10 surgeries and 4 years of osteoarthritis that she suffered through during the 16 1/2 years that I was blessed to have her in my life.

I made a promise to her as she left my life (but not my heart) that I would devote the rest of my professional career to making sure that other dog owners didn’t waste as much time and money as I did to find the best specialists, products and unbiased information to help their ailing dogs live happier and longer lives free of pain.

Phase I - DogPainRelief.com & Pain Map App


DogPainRelief.com has been designed to be both a supportive online community and collaborative Pet Health Care platform that provides dog owners with easy access to other pet parents as well as to the most comprehensive and unbiased network of dog pain relief specialists, researchers, and product manufacturers on the internet.


As we continue to build our loving community and interactive platform of pet parents and pain relief experts, we are, also, in the process of creating a patented and first-of-a-kind interactive Pain Locator Map App that will be introduced during Q4 2021. Our Map App will enable dog owners to easily find the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for the majority of physical and emotional pain. The website version of the Pain Locator Map can be found throughout DogPainRelief.com.

Phase II - CDPR's Appointment Scheduler & Pet Healthcare Expos


We are in the process of developing software and an app that will enable our community members to schedule first-time appointments, at a discounted price, directly with pain relief Specialists listed in our Directory.


The Center for Dog Pain Relief’s “Pet Healthcare Expos & Seminars” will be co-branded and collaborative events in major markets starting in Los Angeles in 2022. They will enable dog owners to meet face-to-face with dog pain relief experts including specialists and product manufacturers. A digital version of our “Pet Healthcare Expo” will run simultaneously with our in-person Expo’s and will include webinars and pod casts.

Phase III - CDPR Branded Veterinary Hospitals & Stores

The final extension of the Center for Dog Pain Relief’s brand will be the opening of the first Center for Dog Pain Relief in Los Angeles in 2023. With its opening, CDPR / LA will be the first companion animal healthcare facility in the US whose sole focus will be on the treatment of pain in dogs. CDPR/LA will be comprised of a dog pain hospital & surgical center; ER & walk-in clinic; rehab center and a retail store.

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To find out the benefits of becoming a member of the CDPR community or an “On-Duty Veterinarian” please contact Cierra Voelkl at Cierra@DogPainRelief.com. You can, also, send her press releases and other company information for possible publication.

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For more information on the Center for Dog Pain Relief and DogPainRelief.com including partnership and sponsorship opportunities; advertising programs; investment opportunities and listings in our Specialists and Product Directories please contact Alan Siskind at alan@dogpainrelief.com.

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