Benefits of Playing Fetch With Your Dog

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    Fetch isn’t just a fun game to play with your dog but it actually presents multiple benefits for both owner and dog! Some benefits of playing fetch with dogs might be surprising to you as it’s more than just exercise. Plus, we also offer alternatives to fetch that are just as beneficial!

    Improve Behavior and Enhance Mood

    Fetch is just one of many games you can play with your dog to help improve their mood and behavior. This is done by wearing them out and a worn-out dog is less likely to be destructive and anxious. Plus, certain breeds need some kind of “job” and fetch can be treated like a job to them. Even more so, the attention you give them while playing fetch can also increase their mood. They love the attention you’re giving them and you can see that in the nonstop tail wagging as they bring the toy back to you each time.

    owner playing fetch with dog in field

    Promote Their Physical Wellbeing

    Fetch is an excellent way to keep your dog healthy! Not everyone can take their dog out for daily walks and playing fetch is a great way for dogs to get the exercise they need. Regular exercise is key in preventing obesity in dogs which can then lead to numerous other health problems like osteoarthritis.

    Because they may be lying down all day while you’re at work, being able to play or go outside can assist preserve their healthy organs and lubricate their joints

    Mental Stimulation

    Fetch is a way to help stimulate your dog mentally. It helps build both their focus and concentration, especially if they need to find the toy that you’re using. 

    Strengthen Your Bond

    Being able to spend time with your dog, whether it’s for a simple stroll or a game of fetch at your local park, can help you bond with them. It’s one of the numerous advantages of spending time with your dog.

    Spending quality time with your cherished canine companion will assist to deepen your bond of love and friendship. You provide them the opportunity to have fun while also helping to gain their trust and loyalty. They’ll start to think of you as the one who makes their lives better.

    This relationship also aids in the development of trust when you go about your daily routine and must leave your animal for long periods of time. When your dog is content and trusts you, he is less likely to engage in undesirable behavior.

    woman sitting on the ground with golden retriever standing on her lap

    Anxiety Relief

    Giving dogs something that they can focus and concentrate on can give them anxiety relief. Spending time with them might also reduce their anxieties as well as give them a more relaxed disposition. It may also help them cope with anxiety and stress in their life, especially if they are left home during the day while you’re at work.

    It’s Good For You Too

    All of the advantages your dog may enjoy during playtime might also be beneficial to you! If you’ve had a hard day at the office, playing catch with your dog when you come home is a great way to relieve tension. It’s a moment when you can put your phone, social media, and other distractions aside and focus only on your dog. And, of course, the relationship you form with your dog during playtime and fetch will continue for the rest of their lives, as well as yours.

    Alternatives to Fetch That Your Dog May Love

    Flirt Poles

    Flirt poles are ideal for when the weather is bad and you can’t play outside, in apartments, or in tiny yards. They get your dog moving about, playing with their toy, and amusing you as much as they do themselves. Flirt poles also aid in the development of abilities like impulse control and coordination.

    Photo Credit: Fit For a Pit

    Dog Chews

    corgi chewing on a bully stick

    Dog chews like bully sticks or Himalayan dog chews are a great way to keep your dog entertained and occupied even if it’s more of an engagement activity compared to fetch. Plus, it’s another alternative to keeping your dog entertained during bad weather. Dogs should only be given chews under supervision.


    Some dogs like jumping and displaying their agility by playing frisbee. Similarly to fetch, you should begin by throwing little objects and gradually raise the complexity of your throws. Also, before each game, inspect your frisbee for cracks or chips to avoid scratching your dog or their mouth!

    beagle playing fetch with a frisbee in a field

    Snuffle and Licks Mats

    Photo Credit: Happy Dog Barkery

    Snuffle and lick mats are a great form of mental stimulation for dogs. You can purchase them or even DIY your own snuffle and lick mats

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