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It can be difficult to tell if your dog is in pain as they hide it, and acute and chronic pain in dogs can present the same in the beginning stages.

California Animal Rehabilitation (CARE) offers comprehensive rehabilitation services making them a go-to rehab facility in Southern California. CARE utilizing multiple forms of healing technologies to help with an array of painful disorders.

dog being spayed

Pyometra in dogs is a secondary infection that develops in the female reproductive system as a result of hormonal changes. Keep reading to learn about this painful and life-threatening condition.

dog sitting in a living room surrounded by pillow fluff that they tore up from being emotionally distressed

Just like humans, dogs are just as capable of experiencing complex emotions and stress. A variety of lifestyle changes can lead to a dog’s emotional distress. It’s important to understand these signs so you are able to intervene and help to navigate your dog’s emotional distress as best as possible.

Dogs who are active are more prone to injures such as fractured bones and ligament tears such as hock instability and injuries.

Vizsla wearing Invoxia Smart Dog Collar

The first advanced biometric health collar for dogs has been launched by invoxia, a French tech startup. The smart dog collar has a long battery life and precise GPS tracking, allowing owners to keep track of their pet's vitals, activity, and position at all times.

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