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How Hot is Too Hot: Overheating in Dogs

In honor of Heat Awareness Day in May, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about the heat when it comes to your dog. Ensure you keep your canine companion safe this summer by preventing overheating, knowing the signs of overheating, and how to handle overheating.

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How to Clean a Dog’s Ears

If your dog has ever had dirty ears or shaking their head, you may have wondered how to clean your dog’s ears. Good news is that you can do this at home without going to the vet! Keep reading to learn how to clean a dog’s ears and why you should clean them.

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How To Help a Dog Lose Weight

In the United States, 56% of dogs are overweight or obese, and this extra weight is connected to a wide range of health issues. Getting started with weight loss for your dog can be difficult. Keep reading to learn more on how to help your dog lose weight.

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