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AURALSPLINT Aural Hematoma Treatment Canine offers a Class 1 medical device and taping method for healing aural hematoma without wounding your dog. […]
DOG SAVANT Dog Lift Harness for Back Legs
This dog lift harness for back legs helps aging or disabled dogs by supporting or stabilizing dogs that are losing thei […]
KURGO Up & About Lifter Handicapped Support Dog...
This padded lifter offers your pup full range of motion while supporting the necessary chest and rear points. The strat […]
ORVIS Dog Lift
Use this sling to lift your senior or injured dog and to help him with stairs and mobility.
PETSAFE CareLift Handicapped Support Dog Harness
This harness provides full-body support for senior, disabled or recovering dogs.
WALKIN' PETS Heavy-Duty Support Harness for Pets
The Heavy-Duty Support Harness for dogs is built to hold your dog up and to hold up to your dog! Veterinarian tested an […]
WALKIN' PETS Walkabout Front & Rear Combo Harness
The Walkabout Front & Rear Combo Harness allows you to support both ends of your dog, providing lifting support to […]
WALKIN' PETS Walkabout REAR Harness
The Walkabout Rear Harness allows you to help support your dog on the rear end, providing a little lift if he’s having […]
WALKIN' PETS Walkin' Lift-n-step Harness
The Lift-n-Step allows you to gently lift your dog without placing additional pressures on their joints – or straining […]