Dog Cloud Bed Launches on Kickstarter

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Pets are family, and people are spending more money on their four-legged family members than ever before. As dogs age, many will experience arthritis and joint pain, and it can be unbearable for owners to see them suffer. From quality food to products that ensure health and comfort, people are looking for ways to enhance the quality of life for their dogs.

Dog Cloud Bed is a therapeutic massage bed for dogs that improves their quality of life, allowing both dog and owner to age gracefully together. Modeled after medically proven massage devices, these beds offer three-dimensional patented therapeutic massage systems that gently relieve discomfort associated with arthritis and joint pain.

In the United States alone, the pet industry is nearing $100 billion and American pet spending has more than doubled in the past decade. A recent survey by LendEDU found that nearly half of American pet owners spend the same or more on the healthcare needs of their pets than they do on themselves. It’s important to consider long-lasting solutions to common ailments and products that provide enhanced comfort for pets.

“Massage has provided relief to people for centuries. Having worked in the medical industry with proven vibrational massage for humans, it became obvious – why don’t we do this for dogs?” said Scott Groves, CEO and Co-inventor of Dog Cloud Bed. “Our bed, and an accompanying smartphone app, allow pet owners to stay connected to their dogs and automate repeatable relief with an at-home complete therapy system.”

Dog Cloud Beds features three-dimensional, low amplitude vibration to increase blood circulation and relieve pain and stiffness. Groves loves to joke that the beds are “tested on humans,” but there’s a serious sentiment behind the phrase. The therapies in Dog Cloud Beds are modeled after vibrational therapies that have been proven in numerous studies to be effective on people. Combined with a patented pressure-sensing system called “Cloud Sense,” it detects when the dog is on the bed so scheduled massages can begin. The accompanying smartphone app allows owners to customize and automate massages for their dogs, too.

Because dogs, like humans, need different types of relief or stimulation, Dog Cloud Beds offer three different preset massage modes: Moov, Rejoov, and Snooz. Moov gently wakes up a sleeping dog in the morning to prepare them for a morning walk and help them start the day on the right four feet. Rejoov offers a modulating massage to reduce inflammation, and Snooz is a gentle massage that relaxes dogs to help them enjoy a restful night.

Every Dog Cloud Bed features orthopedic foam topped with memory foam layers for ultimate support. The motors that power the massage have been tested to function outside of a dog’s hearing frequency and are whisper quiet. Additionally, the eco-friendly bed cover is made from recycled ocean plastics to help clean up the places where dogs play.

Dog Cloud Beds are guaranteed to last 35 dog years, or five human years, and are available in small, medium and large sizes. To pre-order, visit

About Dog Cloud
Dog Cloud believes that every dog deserves the ultimate quality of life. With years of experience in the medical device manufacturing field, Dog Cloud is being manufactured from the same facility by a Team of experts who’ve brought their learnings from human therapeutic devices to the pet industry. The result is a patented, IOT enabled therapeutic bed that can improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and ease arthritic pain in joints. Dog Cloud Beds have been tested on humans with amazing results, and now dogs can receive the same health benefits. For more information, visit

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