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Earth MD was founded on a desire to provide pet owners with safe and effective alternative remedies with no harmful side effects. We believe in an all-natural approach that is dependable and 100% reliable. 


Owners, Bobby and Julia have been immersed in the pet industry from a young age. Bobby has worked in both the retail and manufacturing sides of the industry and has more knowledge about pet products then most people have access to. Bobbly grew up breeding and boarding dogs at “Second Home Pet Boarding” and has extended expertise when it comes to breeds, health and general care. Bobby also managed production for True Raw Choice learning much about how products are made, inside information about brands and met various representatives of companies. Julia has a degree in Biology from Guelph University which she originally planned on using to become a veterinarian. Those plans changed however upon learning that she would have to compromise her morals to do so. She decided to look for alternative ways to help animals and landed on nutrition and natural medicines. Julia is currently taking online courses to become a certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist in order to better help her customers. She has also been published in the Fort Erie Observer and Pet Connection Magazine.

Bobby and Julia have been the owners/operators of their pet store “Thors’s Healthy Pet foods” since 2015, Earth MD since 2017 and Second Home Pet Boarding since 2019. Having been in the industry for over 25 years and often being asked questions A-Z about pet care, medications and more, Bobby and Julia decided to take matters into their own hands. Earth MD was founded in 2017 with the intention to not only educate but to show the functional and powerful aspects of all natural/ holistic products. The Earth MD line of supplements are impactful and most importantly safe. With their products in over 800 stores across Canada in a just a couple of years it’s clear that their customers love and believe in their products as much as they do.

Earth MD Helping you, to help your pets.

This year at SuperZoo Earth MD is excited to be talking about their new products which include Vet refresh, Gut Balance, Probiotic Plus, Eye Support and Urinary Care. Earth MD will also have their original supplements and colloidals available. Earth MD goes above and beyond providing customers with blog posts, youtube videos and social media pages that provide information on all of their products, keeps customers up to date regarding new products, sales and endless education about the pet industry as a whole. Earth MD is a company that is not only interested in further educating their customers on their own products but provide people with guidance in any form regarding pets. You can learn more by visiting, following earthm.d on Instagram or searching earthmd on Facebook.

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