Holistic Pet Care Can Help You Make Good Choices For Your Furry Friends

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As humans, we control the foods and medicines we put in our bodies, but our pets don’t have those same freedoms. They are totally reliant on humans to make those choices for them.

And sometimes, even well-meaning humans don’t make the best choices for their pets, say Laurie Yost and Amy Tyler.

Yost is the owner of Playful Pups Retreat, a luxury dog boarding, day care and training facility with two Elizabethtown locations. Tyler, a hemp farmer and owner of Finnegan Farms, a pet and CBD store in East Petersburg, makes hemp-based products, including specially formulated dog treats.

Together, they advocate for a more holistic approach to pet care – one that relies less on chemicals and preservatives. Here are some of their suggestions for natural ways to enhance your pet’s health

Learn about their suggestions at Lancaster Online

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