Is CBD Safe for Pets? VETCBD’s First Veterinary Scholarship Aims to Expand Education

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VETCBD is one of the world’s first cannabis companies aimed solely towards pet owners and their canine companions. The company has developed the first-of-its-kind scholarship program for veterinary students to raise awareness and dispel the stigma associated with cannabis and veterinary care. The VETCBD Memorial Stipend provides six veterinary students with a $1,000 scholarship toward their tuition.

While it is unlawful to prescribe cannabis to dogs at the federal level, California recently passed a bill that allows certified veterinarians to suggest CBD to pets. And, while cannabis has traditionally been connected with the medical business, few have related it with veterinary science—until now. The scholarship program also seeks to promote awareness and educate the public about the promising results made between pets and cannibas plants. “Because cannabis has been so heavily stigmatized in the veterinary space, we’re doing everything we can to change that. One of the ways we want to do that is to say, this scholarship comes from cannabis sales,” Dr. Tim Shu, found of VETCBD explained.

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