New Invoxia Smart Dog Collar to Monitor Your Dog’s Health

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Vizsla wearing Invoxia Smart Dog Collar
Photo Credit: Invoxia

The first advanced biometric health collar for dogs has been launched by invoxia, a French tech startup. The smart dog collar has a long battery life and precise GPS tracking, allowing owners to keep track of their pet’s vitals, activity, and position at all times. The collar, which was shown at CES 2022, allows owners to keep a close check on dogs that have cardiac issues, diagnose illnesses early, and seek lifesaving preventative treatment. Furthermore, owing to its lightweight, low-power sensors that are augmented with deep neural networks for reliable analysis, it can inform the owner of undesirable behavior or vital signs.

The smart dog collar was created by invoxia to provide owners with a long-term window into their pet’s health and allow them to respond fast before it’s too late. The collar allows you to accurately measure your dog’s heart and respiratory rate, as well as monitor their activity levels (walking, running, resting, scratching, and barking) and daily routine. The collar is capable of continuous and non-invasive monitoring of both resting heart and respiratory rate, even through thick fur, thanks to unique embedded artificial intelligence (known as ‘edge computing‘) and next generation sensors – which have never been utilized in pet health before. As a result, based on millions of data points acquired from pet activity, it can recognize a variety of behaviors and patterns.

Photo Credit: Invoxia

In case your pet gets lost, runs away, or is stolen, the collar also comes with real-time GPS tracking so you know precisely where to look for them. When your dog moves, the collar detects their whereabouts in real time and sends out escape alarms if they leave designated regions, such as your backyard. In the summer of 2022, the smart dog collar will be available for purchase – learn more here.

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