Pet Parents Can Now Quickly Identify and Relieve Their Dogs’ Pain

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First Pain Locator Map and Website That Helps Dog Owners Quickly and Easily Identify What's Hurting Fido

LOS ANGELES – The Center for Dog Pain Relief announced today the launch of the first website,, and first pain locator map solely devoted to helping pet parents relieve their dogs’ physical and emotional pain.

Both the website and dog pain locator map were first envisioned by Alan Siskind, a founder of the Center for Dog Pain Relief, as an ever-lasting tribute to his 16 year old Wheaten Terrier, Maddy, (pictured above).

According to Siskind, “I started the company out of my love for Maddy and all dogs who unnecessarily suffer from pain. Maddy had to endure needless days and months of suffering from osteoarthritis and cruciate ligament ruptures, as well as a herniated disc and other ailments because I wasn’t able to easily find the expert help, support and advice that both Maddy and I needed to treat her pain.”

A first for the pet community, the patented interactive Pain Locator Map App is scheduled to be introduced in September 2021. The Pain Map App will enable dog owners to easily find the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for the majority of physical and emotional pain. The website version of the Pain Locator Map can be found throughout An iOS and Android compatible version is currently being beta tested.

Both the website and dog pain locator map were created by the Center for Dog Pain Relief’s design and development team over the past 18 months, and are the first of many software applications currently being created to help dog owners find the right products, treatments and pain relief specialists to help relieve their dogs’ chronic and acute physical and emotional pain.

To learn more about the Center for Dog Pain Relief and the new Pain Locator Map, visit Interested parties can contact Alan Siskind at

About the Center for Dog Pain Relief

The Center for Dog Pain Relief (CDPR) and its website, were created to help pet parents quickly find the best pain relief treatment options for their dogs who suffer from both acute and chronic physical, as well as emotional, pain. has been designed to be both a supportive online community and collaborative pet health care platform. It provides dog owners with easy access to other pet parents, as well as to the most comprehensive and unbiased network of dog pain relief specialists, researchers, and product manufacturers on the planet. The company continues to develop software designed to help both parents and pets stay healthy and active. Upcoming releases include a telehealth App and an App that will enable dog owners to schedule first-time appointments directly with pain relief specialists listed. The Company is also producing the first in-person “Pet Healthcare Expo”, which is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles during Q4 of 2022. A co-branded digital version, which will run simultaneously with the live Expo event, will include webinars, podcasts and telehealth exams.

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