Reiki Treatment for Dogs

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What is Reiki?

The Japanese words for “higher power” and “life force energy” are the roots of the English word “Reiki,” which gained popularity in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. It derives from Buddist roots, it’s more of a spiritual practice rather than a religious one. Humans utilize it for stress reduction, spiritual healing, and self-improvement, but what about Reiki for dogs? 

Restoring your dog’s energetic health and gently rebalancing any energy that is out of harmony with its being may be accomplished with the use of reiki. Reiki enables a connection between your dog’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being so that it can be at peace in every part of its existence.

What does Reiki Treat in Dogs?

Reiki has several advantages, both for humans and dogs, even if they are not usually immediately apparent. Reiki can help with:

  • Aggression or other behavioral issues
  • Pain relief
  • Stress
  • Help with seizures
  • Cancer
  • Spiritual healing
  • Reducing fear
  • Emotional healing
  • Help with recovery
  • Anxiety
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Boost immunity
  • Increasing the connection between the practitioner and dog

How Does Reiki Work?

The principle that all beings are composed of a living, moving energy forms the basis of Reiki. By tapping into our spiritual side and locating chakras, we may regenerate or shift this energy. Reiki encourages relaxation and reduces tension and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body in order to increase the flow and balance of your energy and promote healing.

A person’s cells actively seek out a frequency of calm, love, and pleasure when their body is in “autonomic regulation,” according to research which is aided by reiki. When your dog or cat loses their equilibrium or becomes badly exhausted over time by persistent stressors, like you or their surroundings at home, they become emotionally and physically unwell due to the changes in the vibrational frequency of the cells within their body.

You can find a reiki practitioner here.

What are the Benefits of Reiki for Dogs?

One great benefit of using reiki as a form of treatment is that reiki is non-invasive, is not painful, and does not have any harmful side effects compared to more western treatments. It’s also a treatmetn that can be done by the owner in their own home.

How Much Does Reiki Cost?

Due to the fact that reiki can be done at home by the owner, it can be completely free. On the other hand, there is the option to have it done either by a professional or you can take classes but there are many free online videos that can teach you. A standard average for professional reiki sessions can start at around $40 for a 30-minute session but this then varies depending on many factors such as if the session is in your home or their facility.

Can You Do Reiki on Your Dog at Home?

Reiki can easily be done by owners in their own homes. When the session is done by the owner, it can help strengthen the bond between the owner and their dog. You can read more about how to do reiki at home here.

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