Relieving Firework Anxiety for Dogs

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    4th of July is a time for BBQs, celebration, family and of course…fireworks which means firework anxiety for dogs. And of course, the fireworks often commence for weeks prior to the actual holiday. For the average person, fireworks are an exciting part of the holiday that we all look forward to. But for the majority of dog owners, it’s like hunkering down for the war. If you aren’t sure if your dog is scared of fireworks, here are some signs to look out for:

    • Trembling 
    • Shaking 
    • Hiding 
    • Seeking Comfort 
    • Destruction 
    • Urination 
    • Salivation

    So how can we make our pets be more comfortable during fireworks?

    Wrap Them Up 

    Consider investing in the all so mighty Thundershirt! There’s more to it than making your dog look stylish. The shirt creates a comforting pressure for the dog similar to a swaddle for a baby. Thundershirts have been proven to have a calming effect on over 80% of dogs including helping relieve firework anxiety.2

    husky in thundershirt
    Photo Credit: @lifeofhuskyluna

    If you don’t have a Thundershirt, you can make a make-shift one out of an elastic bandage! It’s simple and still effective. Check out the infographic below or this video that teaches you how to do the wrap!

    Photo Credit: Bark

    Check Out CBD Oil

    Since CBD for pets hit the markets, it’s become a go-to form of anxiety relief. CBD oil is available in drop form as well as treats, food toppers, tablets and more, but the most effective is drops/oil. Please note that all evidence of the effectiveness is strictly anecdotal and has not undergone any formal studies. For high quality CBD, check out VetCBD which can only be purchased at dispensaries or view our product directory for other quality CBD oils to help relieve firework anxiety.

    Photo Credit: VetCBD

    Consider Prescription Meds

    There’s no shame in asking your vet for anxiety medication for your dog! It can often be the ONLY thing that works for high anxiety dogs. Your vet should ALWAYS be consulted regarding medication, including anything over the counter.

    dog getting a red pill
    Photo Credit: Unknown

    Hunker Down at Home

    It’s time to hunker down and close the fort. Close up all the windows and doors in your house and play loud music or television to try and down out the noise. But make sure to do this BEFORE the fireworks start. Never keep dogs outdoors by themselves during fireworks as it’s one of the days when the most dogs end up in shelters after running away in fear. 

    dachshund laying in blankets
    Photo Credit: Jessica Johnston

    Escape the Noise

    If you’re able to, take advantage of the holiday and just get out of town. If you like camping, consider taking a tip to the mountains or desert where the fireworks can’t be heard. Although this can only really be suitable for the actual day of 4th of July and not the weeks leading up to it. If you can’t leave, you could always try finding a pet sitter who lives outside of town away from the fireworks.  

    woman and 2 dogs in a tent while camping
    Photo Credit: Non-stop dogwear
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