SuperZoo 2021 New Product Recap

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    SuperZoo 2021 was a hit! While we missed some of the exhibitors who had to cancel due to Covid, we know it’s what was best for them! We still got to see many friends and meet new companies. A favorite part about SuperZoo is learning about all the new and innovative products being brought to the pet health space! 

    Earth Buddy

    Earth Buddy has launched a new range of hemp extracts that include customized formulas using lesser-known hemp components. They’ve been created with the aid of some of the world’s top doctors who specialize in cannabis usage. 

    Product Details:

    Balance-  1:1 ratio of CBD:CBDa

    • Formulated for older pets to support longevity and optimized wellness.

    Mobility- 4:1 ratio of CBDa:CBD

    • Formulated for pets that have issues with bone and joint health. 

    Cellular Support- 4:1 ratio of CBG:CBD

    • Formulated for pets for cognitive support and promotes health at the cellular level. 

    Sleep Support- 4:1 ratio of CBN:CBD

    • Formulated to support restful sleep and calm demeanor.

    Suzie's CBD Treats


    Suzie’s CBD Treats released a new CBD treat in partnership with Best Friends Animal Society which includes BFAS inspired packaging to display their new relationship. The treats nclude 20 peanut butter-flavored snacks with 4 milligrams of full spectrum CBD apiece.



    Lix is a newer company to the pet health space that we got to meet for the first time at SuperZoo in Las Vegas on our first day. In the new product showcase, they introduced their broad spectrum CBD elixirs and CBD chews. Something that is unique about the CBD elixirs is that they are flavorless as the basic flavor of CBD is often a turn off for dogs.

    Healer's Pet Care


    Healer’s Pet Care introduced their Urban Walkers in the new product show case as well as the combo kit for total holistic pet health. You can learn more about Healer’s Pet Care’s new products in a recent press release.

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