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SuperZoo 2021 New Product Recap

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    SuperZoo 2021 was a hit! While we missed some of the exhibitors who had to cancel due to Covid, we know it’s what was best for them! We still got to see many friends and meet new companies. A favorite part about SuperZoo is learning about all the new and innovative products being brought to the pet health space! 

    Earth Buddy

    Earth Buddy has launched a new range of hemp extracts that include customized formulas using lesser-known hemp components. They’ve been created with the aid of some of the world’s top doctors who specialize in cannabis usage. 

    Product Details:

    Balance-  1:1 ratio of CBD:CBDa

    • Formulated for older pets to support longevity and optimized wellness.

    Mobility- 4:1 ratio of CBDa:CBD

    • Formulated for pets that have issues with bone and joint health. 

    Cellular Support- 4:1 ratio of CBG:CBD

    • Formulated for pets for cognitive support and promotes health at the cellular level. 

    Sleep Support- 4:1 ratio of CBN:CBD

    • Formulated to support restful sleep and calm demeanor.

    Suzie's CBD Treats


    Suzie’s CBD Treats released a new CBD treat in partnership with Best Friends Animal Society which includes BFAS inspired packaging to display their new relationship. The treats nclude 20 peanut butter-flavored snacks with 4 milligrams of full spectrum CBD apiece.



    Lix is a newer company to the pet health space that we got to meet for the first time at SuperZoo in Las Vegas on our first day. In the new product showcase, they introduced their broad spectrum CBD elixirs and CBD chews. Something that is unique about the CBD elixirs is that they are flavorless as the basic flavor of CBD is often a turn off for dogs.

    Healer's Pet Care


    Healer’s Pet Care introduced their Urban Walkers in the new product show case as well as the combo kit for total holistic pet health. You can learn more about Healer’s Pet Care’s new products in a recent press release.

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    Earth MD SuperZoo Press Release


    Hayley McIntosh / 519-760-3465 /

    Earth MD was founded on a desire to provide pet owners with safe and effective alternative remedies with no harmful side effects. We believe in an all-natural approach that is dependable and 100% reliable. 


    Owners, Bobby and Julia have been immersed in the pet industry from a young age. Bobby has worked in both the retail and manufacturing sides of the industry and has more knowledge about pet products then most people have access to. Bobbly grew up breeding and boarding dogs at “Second Home Pet Boarding” and has extended expertise when it comes to breeds, health and general care. Bobby also managed production for True Raw Choice learning much about how products are made, inside information about brands and met various representatives of companies. Julia has a degree in Biology from Guelph University which she originally planned on using to become a veterinarian. Those plans changed however upon learning that she would have to compromise her morals to do so. She decided to look for alternative ways to help animals and landed on nutrition and natural medicines. Julia is currently taking online courses to become a certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist in order to better help her customers. She has also been published in the Fort Erie Observer and Pet Connection Magazine.

    Bobby and Julia have been the owners/operators of their pet store “Thors’s Healthy Pet foods” since 2015, Earth MD since 2017 and Second Home Pet Boarding since 2019. Having been in the industry for over 25 years and often being asked questions A-Z about pet care, medications and more, Bobby and Julia decided to take matters into their own hands. Earth MD was founded in 2017 with the intention to not only educate but to show the functional and powerful aspects of all natural/ holistic products. The Earth MD line of supplements are impactful and most importantly safe. With their products in over 800 stores across Canada in a just a couple of years it’s clear that their customers love and believe in their products as much as they do.

    Earth MD Helping you, to help your pets.

    This year at SuperZoo Earth MD is excited to be talking about their new products which include Vet refresh, Gut Balance, Probiotic Plus, Eye Support and Urinary Care. Earth MD will also have their original supplements and colloidals available. Earth MD goes above and beyond providing customers with blog posts, youtube videos and social media pages that provide information on all of their products, keeps customers up to date regarding new products, sales and endless education about the pet industry as a whole. Earth MD is a company that is not only interested in further educating their customers on their own products but provide people with guidance in any form regarding pets. You can learn more by visiting, following earthm.d on Instagram or searching earthmd on Facebook.

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    Pet King Brands Resumes Live Exhibition at Four Veterinary Conferences During 2021

    WESTMONT, Ill., Aug. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pet King Brands. Inc., the maker of ZYMOX® Dermatology and Oratene®Brushless Oral Care for small and large animals recently announced their plans to exhibit in-person at four upcoming veterinary medical conferences during 2021. These live events include the Fetch DVM360 conference in Kansas City on August 27 – 30; the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, NV September 6 – 9; the Southwest Veterinary Symposium in San Antonio, TX September 23 – 26; and the Muller-Irke Veterinary Dermatology Seminar to be held in Waikoloa, HI October 23 – 27, 2021.

    In response to the evolving veterinary industry and its changing needs driven by the increase in pet ownership during the pandemic and 2021, Pet King Brands will be present at the conferences to help educate veterinarians and their staff members about its products and how ZYMOX Dermatology products benefit the pets and their owners dealing with problematic ear and skin issues as well as its easy-to-use Oratene solutions for daily, preventative oral care.


    ZYMOX Dermatology and Oratene Brushless Oral Care products utilize the advanced power of enzymes to promote healthy ears, skin, and mouths without antibiotics or harsh ingredients. They have been recommended by veterinarians for over twenty years because of their ability to provide soothing relief without side effects and the ease-of-use at home for pet parents.

    To learn more about the ZYMOX Dermatology and Oratene Brushless Oral Care products visit Pet King Brands at:

    Fetch DVM 360, August 27 – 30, 2021. Booth #734

    Western Veterinary Conference, September 6 – 9, 2021. Booth #2024

    Southwest Veterinary Symposium, September 23 – 26, 2021. Booth #103

    About Pet King Brands, Inc.

    Pet King Brands, the maker of ZYMOX® Ear and Skin products, Oratene® Brushless Oral Care and Equine Defense®, is a leader in veterinarian-approved pet products made in the USA. Focused on the health and wellness of small and large animals of all ages, the products utilize the advanced technology of the patented LP3 Enzyme System. Led by President and Founder, Pamela Bosco, who first introduced ZYMOX in 1998 with the help of her bioscientist brother, Michael Pellico, Pet King Brands has changed the way people care for animals’ ears, skin, and mouth. Guided by the principle that Healthy Animals Lead Happy Lives, Pet King Brands offers solutions that are gentle to the animal, easy to administer and free of harsh chemicals and antibiotics. To learn more about ZYMOX and Oratene products and the patented LP3 Enzyme System, visit

    Media Contact:
    Pet King Brands Media Team

    SOURCE Pet King Brands

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    Mystery pet loving celebrity at Healers Petcare booth to Launch two new products at Super Zoo. A Combo Kit for Total Holistic Pet Health and New Urban Walker Boot- Booth #4168

    Vancouver, WA — Healers PetCare is excited to announce 2 new products at Superzoo this August. Our mystery celebrity guest will be in the booth for this new launch.  A new combination kit offerings for pet health, providing a variety of wellness items in easy-to-purchase packages. The kits include various products, like the company’s Skin and Coat Health Chews, Hot Spot Relief cream, and Conditioning Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for total-body approaches to optimal health and wellness.

    “At Healers, we are constantly looking for long-term solutions to pet health,” said Terri Entler, founder of Healers PetCare. “Our new systemic solution kits are design to assist in treating as well as preventing health issues in pets. With our new Urban Walkers’, a dog has a natural feel when walking and is great in all terrains. With current heat waves boots are becoming more and more necessary.”

    Entler founded the company in 2009 to provide top-quality pet health and safety products. Healers began with a line of medical booties to protect injured paws during healing, and has since grown to encompass everything from light-up visibility jackets and first aid products to preventative supplements and natural wellness aids.

    The company has now turned its focus toward holistic wellness through all-natural products created with partners that truly care about helping pet owners keep their four-legged family members healthy. These products will help address many common preventative and treatment needs, Entler said.

    “Pet allergies, skin issues, and open wounds are all major problems pet parents face,” she explained. “Our complete solutions work together systemically to not only aid the healing process, but also add preventative and long-term solutions to those problems. It made sense to package them as combos that provide total solutions and save our customers money “

    Healers will offer three kits as well as the New Urban Walkers, Kits include:

    • Skin and Coat Solution Kit: includes Skin and Coat chews, Hot Spot Relief, and Conditioning Shampoo to provide a multi-pronged approach to skin and coat health and to treat skin-related issues
    • Wound Care and Hot Spot Relief Kit: includes wound care spray and our Hot spot relief with Hydrocortisone to clean open wounds, stop bacteria growth, promote healing, offer relief, and rejuvenate the skin
    • Turmeric Golden Paste and CBD Oil Kit: includes Turmeric Powder and CBD Oil 250mg 1 oz bottle to boost both ingredients’ healing properties, reducing inflammation, providing antioxidants, and more

    “Our clients save money on solutions that truly help their pets maintain optimal health when they buy our products as packages instead of individually,” Entler explained. “We want them to have access to solutions that will help treat their pets’ entire conditions, not just one element. We also want them to be able to prevent common injuries whenever possible.”

    Healers PetCare announced partnerships with two woman-owned companies — Costa Rica-based natural farm Biolley Farms as well as veterinary-focused Healing Tree Naturals — last year to create its lines of preventative and holistic wellness products. The company will continue to develop health solutions that treat pets systemically and heal root causes, rather than solo products to address single health aspects.

    Healers Pet Care is proud to be TR{1}BE Certified and doing our part to help protect the rainforest and reduce our carbon footprint.

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    SuperZoo 2021 to Unite Pet Professionals to Showcase New Products, Emerging Trends and Latest Grooming Techniques

    MONROVIA, Calif., July 8, 2021 — SuperZoo, North America’s leading pet retail trade show, will welcome pet industry professionals from around the world for the one-of-a-kind opportunity to reconnect in person. Produced by World Pet Association (WPA), SuperZoo will take place August 17–19, with education sessions beginning August 16, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Pet professionals will have access to new features including the most comprehensive collection of upcoming trends, educational offerings and the latest grooming techniques that will help them stand out from the competition.

    “This year, SuperZoo will welcome thousands of attendees including more than 70 big-name buyers and over 800 exhibitors who have two years of new products and innovation to put on display,” said Vic Mason, president of WPA. “From networking sessions and expert-led educational seminars to unmatched grooming competitions and hot-new product showcases, SuperZoo is the only place where pet professionals can safely reconnect in 2021—more than that though, it’s known as the industry’s favorite event.”

    SuperZoo 2021 Highlights and New Features

    • In his keynote, Bar Rescue‘s Jon Taffer will break down how (and why) businesses should operate and communicate differently in the post-pandemic world. He will discuss insights into the opportunities and share how business owners can set their pet retail businesses apart from the competition. His session is on Wednesday, Aug. 18 at 8 am.
    • The 300,000 sq. ft. show floor will encompass more than 800 debut items in the New Product Showcase andInnovation Incubator, two must-see features dedicated to the best fresh-on-the-scene products and emerging brands. A panel of five industry experts will select the winners of the New Product Showcase on Tuesday, August 17.
    • PetSmart and Petsense founder Jim Doughtery will hold a live Q&A session in the New Product Showcase to discuss all-things pet retail on Tuesday, Aug. 17 at 11:30 am.
    • More than 70 expert-led sessions designed for groomers and pet retailers will focus on topics like time management, e-commerce and digital marketing. New this year, SuperZoo will offer a diversity course, panel discussions covering CBD-related research and pet nutrition and an advanced course on the hair and skin recipe for success.
    • With more than $35,000 in winnings at stake, SuperZoo’s grooming sessions and competitions provide an area to connect with the grooming community and celebrate the talent and trends. Two new contests will take center stage this year. The Wahl Clipper Classic will feature groomers competing with just clippers and The Model Dog contests, sponsored by Artero, will showcase a wide variety of breed and skill presentations.
    • Pet stylists will have access to education sessions that will help them prepare for the Professional Groomer Credential (PGC) exam. Earning the PGC demonstrates a pet groomer’s expertise and dedication in providing the best care and services to clients.
    • Industry professionals can network and mingle with friends at the Networking Event on Wednesday, Aug. 18 at 5 pm with music, happy hour and hors d’oeuvres.
    • Part business solutions center, part marketplace and part learning hub, WPA365 will have on-site services for exhibitors to enhance their online booth and will unveil special features that benefit attendees of all segments.

    For more information and to register, visit

    About SuperZoo
    Produced by World Pet Association (WPA), SuperZoo boasts the most buyer participation of any trade show for the pet retail industry in North America. Leading-edge education and access to the most comprehensive array of market-ready products for a hands-on experience allows retailers to competitively differentiate themselves.

    Julie Franks 

    SOURCE World Pet Association

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    Veterinary Innovation Summit + NAVC Media eCommerce Summit To Take Place August 27- 29 In Kansas City

    ORLANDO, Fla., June 30, 2021 — Consumer-driven trends and technology breakthroughs that are transforming the delivery of healthcare and the purchase of veterinary products and services will be the focus of the combined Veterinary Innovation Summit and NAVC Media eCommerce August 27 – 29 in Kansas City, MO.

    Some of the world’s most progressive and innovative thinkers will be among the featured presenters on topics that include: how 3D printing, genomics, big data and other digital technologies are revolutionizing animal healthcare; the impact of COVID-19 on pet owners’ behaviors and expectations, how the veterinary industry is permanently adapting to COVID-driven changes and new data that explores pet adoption trends; and how new technologies currently applied to human medicine can also be applied in veterinary medicine. 

    “Consumers are driving change and innovation within the veterinary and pet industry now more than ever,” said NAVC CEO, Gene O’Neill. “The Veterinary Innovation Summit + NAVC Media eCommerce Summit brings the most innovative and creative minds together, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of veterinary medicine and a look at new technologies and breakthroughs in animal medicine that are impacting the profession.”

    Traditionally held as two separate events, this year, for the first time, these events will be hosted together, marking the merger of separate veterinary and pet segments into a single omnichannel market. The August Summit also includes a Startup Pitch Competition that will recognize new, innovative companies in the industry.

    Speaker and Session Highlights:

    • Keynote Speaker: Richard Susskind, President, Society for Computers and Law
       “The Future of Professions/How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts.”
    • Heidi Sirota, Chief Pet Officer, Nationwide Pet Insurance
      “Democratizing Pet Ownership by Improving Access to Prescription Medications.”
    • David Haworth, DVM, PhD, President, Vidium Animal Health
      “The Coming ‘Omics’ Revolution in Veterinary Medicine – Glimpsing the Future.”
    • David Sprinkle, Research Director, Packaged Facts & Publishing
      “The Pet Population Reset in Wake of COVID-19.” 
    • Eleanor M. Green, DVM, DACVIM, DABVP, Senior Advisor and Consultant, Animal Policy Group
      “Convergence of Frontiers in Veterinary and Human Healthcare.”
    • Kerry O’Hara, PhDc, President of APG | O’Hara Research & Analytics
      “COVID-19 Impact and Implications for the Animal Health Industry.”
    • Ainsley Bone, DVM, MBA, Senior Veterinary Communications Manager, Professional Engagement Team, Nestle Purina PetCare
      John Dillon, Founder & CEO GuardianVets
      “Lessons Learned at the Intersection of Telehealth and eCommerce”

    Click here to explore the Veterinary Innovation Summit and NAVC Media eCommerce Summit full program.

    Startup Exhibit Pitch Competition:
    During the event, 14 companies will be accepted into the Startup Exhibit program and 10 to the Emerging Companies program. Of these, three startups will be pre-selected to participate in the Startup Exhibit Pitch Competition that will take place August 28. These three finalists will compete for cash prizes totaling $10,000. The deadline to apply for the Startup Exhibit and Emerging Company Competition is July 6. Click here for criteria and other details: Startup Exhibit Pitch Competition.

    The Veterinary Innovation Summit + NAVC Media eCommerce Summit is hosted annually by the Veterinary Innovation Council and the NAVC. To learn more about the Veterinary Innovation Council, visit

    About the NAVC
    The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing veterinary professionals worldwide. The world’s leading provider of veterinary continuing education, the NAVC delivers essential training, tools and resources for veterinary professionals to stay abreast of advances in animal medicine and provide the best medical care for animals everywhere. Through its commitment to innovation and excellence, the NAVC has developed a diverse portfolio of products and services, including: educational events, headlined by VMX, the world’s largest, most comprehensive continuing education conference and launchpad for new products and innovations within the veterinary industry; a robust digital platform for virtual learning and engagement; the veterinary industry’s largest and award-winning portfolio of trade publications; and an advocacy arm which unites the veterinary community and pet lovers. The NAVC was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Orlando, FL. Since 2017, the NAVC has been recognized annually as one of the Top Workplaces by the Orlando Sentinel. To learn more about the NAVC’s products and brands, visit To see our schedule of upcoming events, visit

    SOURCE North American Veterinary Community

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