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New Invoxia Smart Dog Collar to Monitor Your Dog’s Health

Vizsla wearing Invoxia Smart Dog Collar
Vizsla wearing Invoxia Smart Dog Collar
Photo Credit: Invoxia

The first advanced biometric health collar for dogs has been launched by invoxia, a French tech startup. The smart dog collar has a long battery life and precise GPS tracking, allowing owners to keep track of their pet’s vitals, activity, and position at all times. The collar, which was shown at CES 2022, allows owners to keep a close check on dogs that have cardiac issues, diagnose illnesses early, and seek lifesaving preventative treatment. Furthermore, owing to its lightweight, low-power sensors that are augmented with deep neural networks for reliable analysis, it can inform the owner of undesirable behavior or vital signs.

The smart dog collar was created by invoxia to provide owners with a long-term window into their pet’s health and allow them to respond fast before it’s too late. The collar allows you to accurately measure your dog’s heart and respiratory rate, as well as monitor their activity levels (walking, running, resting, scratching, and barking) and daily routine. The collar is capable of continuous and non-invasive monitoring of both resting heart and respiratory rate, even through thick fur, thanks to unique embedded artificial intelligence (known as ‘edge computing‘) and next generation sensors – which have never been utilized in pet health before. As a result, based on millions of data points acquired from pet activity, it can recognize a variety of behaviors and patterns.

Photo Credit: Invoxia

In case your pet gets lost, runs away, or is stolen, the collar also comes with real-time GPS tracking so you know precisely where to look for them. When your dog moves, the collar detects their whereabouts in real time and sends out escape alarms if they leave designated regions, such as your backyard. In the summer of 2022, the smart dog collar will be available for purchase – learn more here.

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Zesty Paws® Debuts Line of Mini Bites for Small Dog Breeds

zesty paws mini bites

Zesty Paws ® has announced the debut of a new range of  for small dog breeds called Mini Bites.
Zesty Paws ®’s best-selling products in a little size: Advanced Calming Mini Bites, Aller-Immune Mini Bites, and the 8-in-1 Mini Bites are all part of the Mini Bites range.

The high-quality and practical Mini Bites were created with small dog breed owners in mind.
Small breed pet parents now have a functional supplement that is tailored to their pet’s small size and readily accessible at their favorite pet stores, such as, Amazon, Chewy, and PetSmart.

View the full press release to learn more 

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Rockin’ Pets, Rollin’ Vets Raises Millions to Fuel Expansion Into New Markets

HOUSTON- Rockin` Rockin’ Pets, Rollin’ Vets, a mobile veterinary clinic based in Houston, has announced the closure of a “multi-million dollar” fundraiser to fund its growth strategy. Dr. Katie Eick, CEO and founder of Rollin`Vets Group, said the capital will allow the company to expand its presence not only in Houston but also in other Texas markets.  “This capital raise allows us to not only hire more talent, but grow our fleet of mobile clinics, and expand into other cities at a rapid pace,” said Eick.

View the full press release at Pets Plus Magazine

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Is CBD Safe for Pets? VETCBD’s First Veterinary Scholarship Aims to Expand Education

VETCBD is one of the world’s first cannabis companies aimed solely towards pet owners and their canine companions. The company has developed the first-of-its-kind scholarship program for veterinary students to raise awareness and dispel the stigma associated with cannabis and veterinary care. The VETCBD Memorial Stipend provides six veterinary students with a $1,000 scholarship toward their tuition.

While it is unlawful to prescribe cannabis to dogs at the federal level, California recently passed a bill that allows certified veterinarians to suggest CBD to pets. And, while cannabis has traditionally been connected with the medical business, few have related it with veterinary science—until now. The scholarship program also seeks to promote awareness and educate the public about the promising results made between pets and cannibas plants. “Because cannabis has been so heavily stigmatized in the veterinary space, we’re doing everything we can to change that. One of the ways we want to do that is to say, this scholarship comes from cannabis sales,” Dr. Tim Shu, found of VETCBD explained.

View the full article written by Taylor Engle for MedMen

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Canned Dog Food Recall, High Vitamin D Levels Linked To Serious Health Issues

(ABC4) – If you’re a dog owner, check your pantry to make sure to immediately discard these canned dog food products in your home.

The FDA announced a voluntary recall involving Fromm Family Foods’ canned dog entrées. Officials have discovered elevated levels of vitamin D present in the food. The specific line affected is the Fromm Four-Star Shredded Entrée canned food.

Approximately 5,500 cases of the product are being voluntarily recalled by Fromm Family Foods. Although no reports of illness or injury have been reported, potential adverse reactions could occur in dogs of all sizes.


If dogs ingest excess levels of vitamin D, symptoms can include vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling, and weight loss.

“Vitamin D when consumed at very high levels can lead to serious health issues in dogs including renal dysfunction,” officials say. “Consumers who have dogs that have consumed any of the affected products and are exhibiting these symptoms should contact their veterinarian.”


The discovery was made by the company through their own analysis.

“We have identified and isolated the error and in addition to our existing safety process, we have put corrective actions into place to prevent this from happening again,” company officials say.

Those who have purchased Fromm Four-Star Shredded Entrée canned dog food should return the product to the original retailer immediately.

Anyone with further questions can contact the company at 1-800-325-6331 or email
To see the full FDA statement, click here.


View the original article source from ABC 4

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CBD Dog Health and Green Juju Team Up to Educate Pet Owners on Holistic Healing

CBD Dog Health and Green Juju are partnering to educate more pet owners and veterinarians on the benefits of plant food and medicine. The first stop of the Heroes of Holistic Healing educational tour will be at the AHVMA Annual Conference & Exhibition, an educa

tional event for holistic veterinarians. Some of the topics covered will be the importance of a fresh, biologically appropriate diet, the health benefits of medicinal plants and mushrooms and integrating fresh food into a pet’s diet.

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