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Natural Remedies for Joint Pain in Dogs

cbd for natural joint pain relief
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    Joint pain affects many dogs, especially as they become older and become more prone to developing arthritis and other joint conditions, to which we are often searching for natural remedies for joint pain in dogs. The lack of proper cushioning in the joints causes your dog’s bones to rub against each other causing great discomfort and pain. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for arthritis in canines. However, there are a number of natural remedies for joint pain  in dogs that can help manage the condition. 

    What Are Some Natural Remedies for Joint Pain in Dogs?


    Photo Credit: NaturVet

    Glucosamine is the most common type of supplement for natural joint pain relief in dogs. It’s a naturally occurring compound in both human and animal’s bodies but the supplement helps keep up with cartilage health. It reduces pain and stiffness in arthritic joints by reducing inflammation, inhibiting cartilage loss, and improving cartilage repair making it one of the most popular natural remedies for joint pain in dogs.


    pug swimming in a pool
    Photo Credit:

    Hydrotherapy is defined as “the use of exercises in a pool as part of treatment for conditions such as arthritis or partial paralysis.” Hydrotherapy with underwater treadmill work essentially allows for rehabilitation and exercise by taking the weight off of the compromised joints and allowing movement that would otherwise be painful or impossible. The viscosity of the water actually increases the work that the muscles are doing at the same time. There are three main types of hydrotherapy for dogs:

    1. Pool-based: During a pool-based hydrotherapy session, a dog is placed in a life jacket with a handle on top for the therapist. The therapist supports the dog in the water and allows them to swim while holding them up. Depending on the strength of the dog, they may also let it swim on its own. This can be done in a regular pool or a specially designed hydrotherapy tub.
    2. Underwater Treadmill: In essence, there is a treadmill belt that can be adjusted in a tiny tank of water filled with warm water. The therapist walks alongside the dog on the treadmill or may be harnessed in. This type of hydrotherapy can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each dog.
    3. Whirlpool Therapy: Whirlpool treatment is similar to a jacuzzi for dogs, and it helps to ease pain caused by medical conditions or surgery. The water level is altered once the dogs are harnessed and lowered into the whirlpool. The damaged muscles are then massaged with a heated jet stream. 


    beagle with acupuncture needles
    Photo Credit: Fear Free Happy Homes

    In acupuncture, needles are inserted through bundles of nerves into the body tissue, where blood vessels converge. Acupuncture improves blood circulation to the nervous system by stimulating and releasing anti-inflammatory and analgesic hormones making it an ideal natural remedy for joint pain relief in dogs. Applying pressure to the acupuncture point at the selected effect is comparable to inserting needles.

    The technique requires inserting a fine needle into the dog’s body at certain points, called acupuncture points, where nerves and blood vessels converge. These points are located at so-called meridians, where energy channels transmit energy throughout the dog’s body.


    cbd for natural joint pain relief
    Photo Credit: Health Magazine

    Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical molecule present in both humans and animals that is part of the endocannabinoid system. Non-psychoactive cannabinoid produced from cannabis or hemp. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) gives you a “high,” while CBD doesn’t. In order to not have THC, CBD products are derived from hemp and not from marijuana. The majority of CBD products do not contain THC and if they do, they are purchased from a cannabis dispensary. 

    Some research and anecdotal data suggest that CBD may be useful in treating joint pain, making it an intriguing natural remedy for joint pain in dogs. CBD for dogs started out as simple oils but with the market expanding, there are many different types of CBD products available. Some of these include CBD treats, CBD-infused broth, and so much more. 


    jack russel sitting behind a plate of tumeric
    Photo Credit: Organic Facts

    Turmeric is widely known as a spice rich in antioxidants. The active ingredient, curcumin, possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It’s believed to work more effectively for joint pain and stiffness than conventional pain medications. In addition, turmeric has  less gastrointestinal side effects than other pain medications, making it a great natural remedy for joint pain in dogs. Turmeric can be found in various forms including powder, liquid, capsules, and chewable tablets. 

    Laser Therapy

    dog getting laser therapy
    Photo Credit: Pawsh Place

    Laser therapy is a non-invasive photobiomodulation therapy to help in the rehabilitation of different conditions. Laser therapy uses light as a way to increase blood circulation and stimulate cell regeneration. It’s been used on humans for decades but laser therapy has been used on dogs in recent years. It essentially promotes healing while reducing inflammation and pain. There’s two types of laser therapy:

    1. Cold Laser Therapy: treats the surface of the skin
    2. Hot Laser Therapy: treats deeper tissues

    When it comes to how many treatments a dog needs, this is dependent on the type of laser as well as the condition or diseases and whether it’s chronic or acute. The average amount of treatments is about two to three times a week for two to three weeks and then this reduces depending on the outcome. Conditions that are both acute and painful likely undergo more frequent treatments. If a dog has just had surgery, they might have their first treatment before the dog has woken up.

    Orthopedic Bed

    german shepherd on an orthopedic bed
    Photo Credit: Fur Haven

    An orthopedic bed can make all the difference for a dog who is experiencing joint pain. The orthopedic foam material helps regulate temperature to keep your dog warm, in return decreasing joint pain thanks to the heat. The foam helps to retain heat to relax your dog’s muscles and alleviate inflammation in the joints. 

    Since an orthopedic bed tends to be firmer and a little stiffer than a traditional dog bed, it makes it easier for your arthritic dog to stand up after laying down. Having something for your dog to stand up on that also provides them support is helpful. A traditional bed that is softer, allows them to sink in without pushing them upwards. 

    Massage Therapy

    yellow lab getting a massage

    A massage can be helpful to a dog experiencing joint pain. Massaging your dog’s muscles near the affected painful joints can bring immediate relief. The stimulation improves blood flow to tissues including the affected joints.  Short sessions with gentle strokes or kneading are the most safe and effective way to massage your dog. Be sure to refrain from directly massaging the joints, as this could lead to even more discomfort and pain. 

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    New Invoxia Smart Dog Collar to Monitor Your Dog’s Health

    Vizsla wearing Invoxia Smart Dog Collar
    Vizsla wearing Invoxia Smart Dog Collar
    Photo Credit: Invoxia

    The first advanced biometric health collar for dogs has been launched by invoxia, a French tech startup. The smart dog collar has a long battery life and precise GPS tracking, allowing owners to keep track of their pet’s vitals, activity, and position at all times. The collar, which was shown at CES 2022, allows owners to keep a close check on dogs that have cardiac issues, diagnose illnesses early, and seek lifesaving preventative treatment. Furthermore, owing to its lightweight, low-power sensors that are augmented with deep neural networks for reliable analysis, it can inform the owner of undesirable behavior or vital signs.

    The smart dog collar was created by invoxia to provide owners with a long-term window into their pet’s health and allow them to respond fast before it’s too late. The collar allows you to accurately measure your dog’s heart and respiratory rate, as well as monitor their activity levels (walking, running, resting, scratching, and barking) and daily routine. The collar is capable of continuous and non-invasive monitoring of both resting heart and respiratory rate, even through thick fur, thanks to unique embedded artificial intelligence (known as ‘edge computing‘) and next generation sensors – which have never been utilized in pet health before. As a result, based on millions of data points acquired from pet activity, it can recognize a variety of behaviors and patterns.

    Photo Credit: Invoxia

    In case your pet gets lost, runs away, or is stolen, the collar also comes with real-time GPS tracking so you know precisely where to look for them. When your dog moves, the collar detects their whereabouts in real time and sends out escape alarms if they leave designated regions, such as your backyard. In the summer of 2022, the smart dog collar will be available for purchase – learn more here.

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    Zesty Paws® Debuts Line of Mini Bites for Small Dog Breeds

    zesty paws mini bites

    Zesty Paws ® has announced the debut of a new range of  for small dog breeds called Mini Bites.
    Zesty Paws ®’s best-selling products in a little size: Advanced Calming Mini Bites, Aller-Immune Mini Bites, and the 8-in-1 Mini Bites are all part of the Mini Bites range.

    The high-quality and practical Mini Bites were created with small dog breed owners in mind.
    Small breed pet parents now have a functional supplement that is tailored to their pet’s small size and readily accessible at their favorite pet stores, such as, Amazon, Chewy, and PetSmart.

    View the full press release to learn more 

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    Dog Pain Relief and Prevention Christmas Gift Guide!

    Tis the season to give! Don’t forget about your canine companion on your holiday shopping list this year. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of dog health, pain relief and prevention products that your dog will be begging to receive in their stocking this Christmas.

    1. ElleVet Hemp CBD & CBDA Chews

    Price: $79.95 – $89.95

    ElleVet CBD & CBDA soft chews are the perfect option for those dogs who refuse to take medications in pill form. These are tasty, peanut butter flavored chews that contain ElleVet’s CBD oil formulation in addition to glucosamine. CBD has been found to be greatly effective for a variety of dog ailments including joint discomfort, itching, stress, cognitive issues and general senior dog health. 

    via Ellevet
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    Our 12 yr old Golden, Ally Mae had her life changed by the chews. She is more active and more playful now since starting the chews 3 months ago. It truly has changed her in so many positive ways! 🤗🐶

    2. Soothe Move CBD Soothing Balm

    Soothe Move CBD Soothing Balm

    Price: $25

    This CBD Soothing Balm is a clean and natural remedy to help heal and protect rough patches on your pup including paw pads, elbows, and snouts. No chemicals are used meaning it is safe to lick and the answer to irritated skin, hot spots and burns. 

    3. PetHonesty Omega-3 Fish Oil

    PetHonesty Omega-3 Fish Oil

    Price: $25.99

    An Omega-3 fish oil made with fish (such as sardines, mackerel, anchovies and herrings)  high in Omega-3s but low in mercury and toxins. The 100% natural  ingredients are beneficial to your dog’s joint, heart, skin, coat and general health. This oil can be added to your dog’s food adding taste AND benefits to their meal. The best part is that the fishy smell isn’t as pungent as typical due to the process in which the oil is purified. 

    Nicole R.
    via PetHonesty
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    After years of our German shepherd having dry, flaky, itchy skin and a dry coat, we finally found this product and it worked!! Her coat is so shiny and soft, no flakes, no itching! We had tried coconut oil (both feeding and topical), salmon oil, apple cider vinegar, special shampoos. This is the only product that works for us! Thank you!!

    4. Embark Breed & Health Kit

    Embark Breed & Health Kit

    Price: $199

    This at-home kit provides a dog’s breed breakdown as well as genetic health profile. Performing an easy, at-home cheek swab on your dog allows owners to learn further about their pet’s breed, ancestry, health, and relatives. Hundreds of breeds and genetic health risks are tested and identified during the testing process. This kit empowers owners to be informed and prepared to ensure their dog lives a healthy life. 

    Kim C.
    via Embark
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    The embark program is worth its weight in gold. My intent was to discover any genetic predispositions to health issues for my new pup, and as it turns out she had 1 copy of a gene for altered ALT activity. Since she was under treatment for tick disease when I got her, and her ALT was very elevated my vet immediately suggested treatment with Denamarin for liver support. Cricket is doing great now. The other info was/is fun stuff for us, and it is interesting as we get to know her better how many things in her genetics are dictating some of her behavior. She is a wonderful little companion and we feel lucky to have found her. I have already recommended embark to others, and my vet was impressed that even things like skin color are tested for.

    5. Barkaron® Wellbeing Gift Box (16 dessert dog “chocolates”)

    Barkaron® Wellbeing Gift Box

    Price: $24

    A dessert gift box filled with healthy but indulgents treats is perfect for the pampered pooch. This box includes an assortment of three flavors including a superfood blend with camel cheese, himalayan river trout and chicken. All treats are made with functional food ingredients and are handcrafted in a doggy bakery in the Himalayas.

    Kim S
    via Chews Happiness
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    Purchased this box for our fur baby’s 8th birthday. The package arrived on her birthday. She and her two brothers LOVE, LOVE, LOVE there pretty and crunchy treats!After some research, I realized she might just be a nervous dog. I discovered this wonderful calming collar. So far it's working wonders! Lucy is now being calm, loving, quiet and even considerate to my sister's old dog.

    6. Because, Animals Omega & Probiotic Sprinkles for Dogs

    Because, Animals Omega & Probiotic Sprinkles for Dogs

    Price: $24

    This fine powder is loaded with a mixture of probiotics, prebiotics, omega-rich seaweeds and organic fruit and vegetable powders. These ingredients are beneficial to your dog’s skin and coat, digestion and overall immunity. It’s as simple as mixing the powder into your pup’s meal on a daily basis. In addition, the sprinkles are human-grade, all natural and vegan so you know you’re providing your dog with the best quality.

    Anqi L.
    via Because, Animals
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    I’ve been giving my puppy the sprinkles for two weeks now, and I can definitely see a positive change in his stool. He has a very sensitive stomach, the stool is always soft, but since I started to use this product, his stool get much better than before. I highly recommend everyone to try this!! Definitely will purchase again!After some research, I realized she might just be a nervous dog. I discovered this wonderful calming collar. So far it's working wonders! Lucy is now being calm, loving, quiet and even considerate to my sister's old dog.

    7. Dr. Becker's Joint Support Solutions Bites

    Dr. Becker's Joint Support Solutions Bites

    Price: $19 

    These tasty treats serve as a natural supplement containing Glucosamine Sulfate, Eggshell Membrane and MSM. The combination of ingredients support tendons and ligaments for active dogs with joint issues. However, the treats are also beneficial as a preventative solution to joint issues.

    Karen H.
    via Dr. Becker's Bites
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    I have a 4 year old toy chihuahua with grade 2 luxating patella. Since giving her these treats she wants to take longer walks and play more. I have told other friends and family about these bites.. they too have seen a difference in activity of their dogs. Very happy with these and so many other heathy bites to choose from.

    8. HAPPYBOND Be Well Elixir

    HAPPYBOND Be Well Elixir

    Price: $24.99

    This elixir is meant to give your pup a natural immune boost thanks to ingredients like Turmeric, which is a tremendous  antioxidant and beneficial to the immune system. The blend also contains zinc, providing benefits to your dog’s enzymes, proteins and hormones and thyroid function. It’s as simple as adding the recommended amount of drops to your dog’s food once daily. 

    Marc Rodriguez
    via HappyBond
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    My dog used to be fragile and unhealthy when I adopted him. He doesn't seem to be energetic and active as other dogs and it made me worry about his health. I tried to look for the right vitamin supplements for him so he could at least improve. After a lot of trial and error, I stumbled upon this product and based on its reviews, I knew it would be a good try. I'm now using this elixir for more than 2 months now and my dog has become healthier than ever

    9. DentaSure All Natural Oral Care GEL for Dogs and Cats (4 oz)

    DentaSure All Natural Oral Care GEL for Dogs and Cats

    Price: $31.95

    This natural, oral gel is formulated to help whiten teeth, freshen breath, soothe swollen gums, remove plaque and tartar buildup and maintain overall healthy gums and teeth. Your dog will love it, as it’s pleasant tasting and doesn’t require any brushing as it comes in spray form. 

    via Fito Pets
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    My 7-year-old Golden has for some time begun to have a tartar deposits on her teeth, especially the canines, and without wanting to use detartras, I've bought of all kinds of remedies (including chemicals whereas this is one is Totally natural !!) without solving anything . I have always known about the effectiveness and the potential of ALL the products of this website (many others I bought have « saved » my dog’s life) I wanted to try this one too ... A TRUE MIRACLE!!!!! After just 2 days of use, entire pieces of tartar were coming off !! The dog has no problem with it as it has no taste. SUPER RECOMMENDED !!!! By using it you could save your dogs from annoying detartrasas that if not done with laser involve general anesthesia which has risks.

    10. PurOtic Extra Strength Dog Ear Cleaner

    PurOtic Extra Strength Dog Ear Cleaner

    Price: $12.99 and up

    Waxy buildup in your dog’s ears can often cause ear pain, itching, foul odors and recurring infections. This ear cleaner is an all-natural solution to healing these ailments. Your pup will love it because this formula doesn’t contain any alcohol, which often stings your dog’s ears. The soft and flexible tip of the bottle makes it easier to clean the ear canal for a more thorough cleaning without risking damage to the ear. 

    Elizabeth F.
    via Innovet Pet
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    My Golden Retriever, Porcia, loves to dive for oysters in a local tidal river. She prides herself in finding larger clusters. Diving deep to retrieve them, the only part of her body left above the water line is her fluffy golden tail. Consequently, Porcia’s ears need constant attention. In order to fend off infection, I routinely use PurOtic products to keep her ears clean and dry. These products are easy to use, effective and most important, acceptable to Porcia.

    11. Medterra CBD Calming Pet Chews

    CBD Calming Pet Chews

    Price: $24.99 

    These pet chews make the perfect gift for anxious pups, especially around the holidays with the added commotion. The chews are made with ingredients like CBD, Valerian Root and L-Tryptophan that include calming and relaxing benefits. In addition, the formula aids in happiness, better sleep quality and anxiety relief for dogs. 

    Krista S.
    via MedTerra
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    Works very well for my Swiss Mountain Dog! Calms him down quickly during storms and fireworks.

    12. Walkin' Pets Folding Dog and Pet Ramp

    Folding Dog and Pet Ramp

    Price: $194.95 – $258.90

    Have a senior dog or a dog that’s hesitant about hopping into the car? Keep them safe and help ease the stress with this folding dog ramp. This ramp folds open leading up to your vehicle to help your pup get in and out of the car easily. The non-slip surface ensures proper footing, making the travel experience less stressful for you and your pet. 

    13. Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound - Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toy Challenge Slider

    Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound - Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toy Challenge Slider

    Price: $29.99 

    This puzzle game is an advanced mental enrichment tool that dogs of any size will love. The puzzle features 24 compartments to hide treats in for your pup. These compartments slide around making for a challenge in your pup seeking out the treats. Makes a great gift for the dog that needs more mental stimulation, keeping them happy and healthy! 

    via Amazon
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    Loved this product! Kept the pup entertained for longer than other toys. Helped build up her confidence and coordination .We used training treats, dog biscuits and frozen water & fruit.

    14. AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

    AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

    Price: $14.93 

    Hide treats in this snuffle mat to keep your dog entertained. The mat features a dual-use design as the feeding mat can be folded into a bowl. Seeking out and foraging for treats aids in mental enrichment for your dog and helps to train your dog’s scentwork. 

    Amazon Customer
    via Amazon
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    Best snuffle mat we have ordered so far. Very durable. Zipping it up results in my dog taking a long time to get his food.

    15. LickiMat Slow Feeder for Dogs

    LickiMat Slow Feeder for Dogs

    Price: $14.95

    The LickiMat is a unique and fun way to keep your dog occupied, whether they have anxiety, destructive behavior or need more mental stimulation. The rubber mat features a textured surface that supports a range of spreadable treats including yogurt, peanut butter and liquid foods. The Lickimat also makes for a great alternative to slow-feeder bowls for mealtime. An option of surface patterns including “buddy”, “soother” and “playdate” allow for you to choose the most suitable type of LickiMat for your dog. 

    via Amazon
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    “I have a older female Yorkie who licks everything. They say it is calming to her. I received this today and both Yorkies love it and have spent quite some time licking off the doggy peanut butter I got. It took very little peanut butter which was nice too. She also has separation anxiety so I plan on giving this to her if we leave the house to clam her down and distract her. So far great product to keep your dog occupied.
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    Shop These Awesome Black Friday 2021 Deals For Your Dogs!

    Black Friday is almost here and we are so excited to share pet deals with you from some of our favorite brands and shops! Some deals have already started so head on over and get some pain relief and prevention gifts for the dogs in your life! 

    Deals and dates are subject to change at the brand/store’s discretion. Information is accurate at the time of publishing.

    Innovet Pet: BOGO 70% OFF

    Deal: BOGO 70% OFF

    How to Get It:  Use code BF70 at checkout

    Dates: 11/17/2021-11/28/2021

    1800 Pet Meds: Take 25% Off

    Deal: Save 25% on all orders

    How to Get It:  Use code GIFT25 at checkout

    Dates: 11/12/2021-12/230/2021

    Embark: Save up to $64

    Deal: Save up to $64 on an Embark Dog DNA Tes

    How to Get It:  Automatically applied

    Dates: 11/22/2021-11/28/2021

    Chewy: 20% off First Prescription

    Deal: Save 20% on your first prescription order

    How to Get It:  Use code RX20 at checkout

    Dates: 11/1/2021-11/30/2021

    Chewy: Buy 3, Get 1 Free

    Deal: Buy 3, get 1 free on toys, grooming products, and more for cats and dogs

    How to Get It:  Shop from the collection

    Dates: 11/1/2021-11/30/2021

    Medterra CBD: Buy 1, Get 1

    Deal: Buy one get one free on all products at Medterra CBD

    How to Get It:  Use code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout

    Dope Dog: Save 30%

    Deal: Save 30% on your first-month subscription 

    How to Get It:  Use code FIRST30 at checkout

    Dope Dog: Save 25%

    Deal: Save 25% on any 3-pack 

    How to Get It:  Use code THREE at checkout

    PetHonesty: Free Jar

    Deal: Free Jar on orders over $40

    How to Get It:  Use code BF40 at checkout

    Dates: 11/25/21 – 11/27/21

    PetHonesty: Buy 1, Get 1 Free

    Deal: Buy 1, get 1 free

    How to Get It:  Use code CYBER2021 at checkout

    Dates: 11/28/21 – 11/30/21

    PetHonesty: 35% off $40+

    Deal: Take 35% off orders of $40 and more

    How to Get It:  Use code CW2021 at checkout

    Dates: 12/1/21 – 12/5/21

    Dr. Becker’s Bites: Save 20%

    Deal: Save 20% on all orders

    How to Get It:  Automatically applied

    Dates: 11/25/2021- 11/29/2021

    King Kanine CBD: Save 30%

    Deal: Save 20% on all orders sitewide

    How to Get It:  Automatically applied

    Dates: 11/22/2021- 11/30/2021

    PETLY CBD: Save 30%

    Deal: Save 30% on all orders sitewide

    How to Get It: Use code BFCM30 at checkout 

    Dates: 11/26/2021- 11/29/2021

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    Our Favorite Deals From Chewy for Early Cyber Monday

    Now through Cyber Monday, discover pawesome deals for Chewy’s Early Cyber Monday Sale! From Buy 3, get 1 Free to up to 40% off select products, there’s something for every pup. We put together a list of our favorite products on sale for dog pain relief and prevention products from Chewy! 

    1. Vitamins and Supplements: Buy 3, Get 1 Free - Mix and Match

    zesty paws mobility bites

    For Cyber Monday, buy 3, get 1 free for ALL vitamins and supplements! This includes some of our favorite brands like Zesty Paws, Pet Honesty and Nutramax. Whether you have an anxious dog, a senior dog, or one with joint issues, there’s a supplement for everyone. Now that’s what we call a pawsome Cyber Monday sale!

    2. Assisi Animal Health 2.0 Manual Pet Loop: Save 10% at Checkout

    Assisi Animal Health has created some of the most unique, effective products for animals in pain. The Assisi Animal Health 2.0 Manual Pet Loop is no different! It employs Loop technology to deliver signals to the body’s anti-inflammatory mechanism in a timely and effective manner. The healing process for tissues such as skin, tendons, ligaments, bones, and organs is accelerated by increasing nitric oxide production. This manual version automatically shuts down after every fifteen-minute treatment for your convenience while using wraps, dressings, and casts. Furthermore, you may select the size that best suits your animal’s treatment requirements.

    3. Vetoquinol Itchy Dry Skin Aloe & Oatmeal Soap-Free Dog & Cat Shampoo, 16-oz bottle: Buy 3 Get 1 Free - Mix & Match

    Vetoquinol Itchy Dry Skin Aloe & Oatmeal Soap-Free Dog & Cat Shampoo

    Does your dog have itchy skin? Vetoquinol Vet Solutions for Itchy, Dry Skin Aloe & Oatmeal Soap-Free Dog & Cat Shampoo is specially formulated to soothe dry skin for both dogs and cats. Its formulation adds essential moisture while providing a deep, rich lather that gently cleans the skin without removing natural skin oils.

    4. Assisi Animal Health Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System Dog Bundle, Small: Save 20% at Checkout

    Assisi Animal Health Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System Dog Bundle

    The Assisi Animal Health Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System uses tPEMF signals in an effort to both increase the anti-inflammatory mediators and encourage the neural cells to produce serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. This is done by doing two 15-minute sessions per day over a six week period. With this, you should see a reduction in barking, howling, destruction, pacing, panting, among other signs of anxiety.

    5. Frisco Orthopedic Pillow Cat & Dog Bed, Brown, Medium: Buy 3, Get 1 Free - Mix and Match

    The Frisco Orthopedic Pillow Bed provides supportive relief for dogs with arthritis, joint pain, and senior dogs. It has an orthopedic foam base that supports dogs in the right places, allowing them to sleep or nap comfortably.

    6. True Acre Foods Farmhouse Blend Weight Control with Chicken & Vegetable: Save 40% at Checkout

    True Acre Foods Farmhouse Blend Weight Control Food for Dogs is made with nutritious proteins, vegetables, and specialty nutrients to help your dog maintain a healthy weight. This formula has 10% less calories and 31% less fat than True Acre Foods Farmhouse Blend with Chicken & Vegetables Food for Dogs, as well as L-carnitine to aid in regular fat metabolism and lean muscle mass. It’s the nutrition you can be proud to offer, with fiber to help with satiety and all the nutrients your dog needs to flourish. 

    True Acre Foods Farmhouse Blend Weight Control with Chicken & Vegetable

    7. Frisco Foldable Nonslip Cat & Dog Stairs: Save 10% at Checkout

    Frisco Foldable Nonslip Cat & Dog Stairs

    Pet ramps are an effective way to help your dog’s joints whether they are too small to jump up and down off furniture or their joints are too weak/in pain. The Frisco Foldable Nonslip Ramp easily folds away when not in use and is then simple to reassemble when needed. Each step has nonslip pads to prevent your pet from falling while climbing up and down. It also has nonslip grips on the bottom to keep it from sliding around on hardwood floors or tile.

    8. Frisco Plush Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed w/Removable Cover: Save 10% at Checkout

    Frisco Plush Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed w/Removable Cover

    This sofa-shaped bed provides lots of space for your dog to stretch out, and the broad, flat surface makes it simple for any dog to get on and off. With its comfortable sleeping area and sloping side bolsters made of textured fabric, this bed is inviting. Its sleek style and neutral tone offer a charming touch to any house and will enhance your existing room décor. The Frisco Ortho Bolster includes a fluffy, shredded foam filling for orthopedic support and optimal comfort when napping, sleeping, or simply resting. 

    9. True Acre Foods Weight Control Chicken & Vegetables Recipes Grain-Free Dry Dog Food By True Acre Foods: Save 40% at Checkout

    True Acre Foods Weight Control Chicken & Vegetables Recipes Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

    This grain-free kibble has been particularly designed to assist your dog in maintaining a healthy weight. True Acre Foods Grain Free Chicken and Vegetables Recipe Dog Food contains 10% less calories and 31% less fat than True Acre Foods Grain Free Chicken and Vegetables Recipe Dog Food. This balanced and healthy meal starts with chicken farmed in the United States, then adds farm-grown vegetables and L-Carnitine to promote regular fat metabolism and lean muscle composition. Furthermore, there are no cereals, wheat, or maize, as well as no artificial colors or tastes. True Acre Foods Weight Control Recipe will provide your dog with a lifetime of health and enjoyment at every meal.